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It was a humble start for Goatrade Farming Co. Ltd. during its inception in the 1980’s. From the startup business of marketing of livestock such as goats, sheep, cattle, etc; the company has grown into a versatile and multiple services providing firm.

In the mid 1990's, Goatrade diversified its business into exporting and importing other animal species that included wildlife. The company's expertise led to a major expansion of its wildlife business in Thailand. Goatrade Farming Co. Ltd. is now handling animal supply and collection management.

Hence today we provide solutions for complete farming needs from selling farm products such as ear tags, antibiotics, vaccines, semen and embryos to a wide range of farm security systems, fence management tools and even transporting and providing rare animals to organizations like zoos and professional breeders.

The company's ‘No More Impossibilities' Slogan is not just words but it is practiced daily in our services as we meet customer's needs and satisfaction and strive to succeed in the growing market scenario.





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