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The clouded leopards were fairly common in our wildlife parks and sanctuaries but today they are rare and seriously endangered. This is due to deforestation, pet trade and poaching of these animals for it beautiful patterned skin.
Currently, the Zoological Park Organization (ZPO) has 27 heads of clouded leopards and this is reasonably a large captive population of clouded leopards compared to the other zoos in the region where the success of breeding these cats in captivity had been low.

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Hornbills are large distinctive tropical birds, found only in the African and Asian continents. These are the only birds that have a two-lobed kidney and the only ones in which the first two vertebrae (the axis and atlas) are fused together. There are 54 species of hornbills in the world out of which 13 of them have been recorded from Thailand alone. Hornbills play some important ecological roles such as dispersal of seeds from the fruits they eat and control of some prey species.

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The Siamese crocodile has been widely distributed in the low altitude freshwater wetlands of central and eastern Thailand. They appeared to be reduced to non-breeding remnants in marginal habitats. The principal threats are habitat destruction, illegal hunting, and killing as vermin. They have been considered an endangered species based on the small number of specimens remaining in the wild. In IUCN Red List (1971), C. siamensis is categorized as CR: Critically Endangered, Criteria A.1.a. and c. severely...

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KKOZ is one of the five zoos under umbrella of “The Zoological Park Organization under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty The King”, or ZPO. The ZPO is one organization under the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, which has as its principal mission the conveying of a conservation message to the public, especially youth. Conservation in zoos aspects is in zoos’ objectives; to give recreation in a zoological park environment, to transfer education through wildlife management, to help conserve wildlife in situ...

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